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Where do you get your news? Before social media, we relied on the newspaper. Many readers in Connecticut towns are asking which newspaper do you receive and how do you receive it?

Local daily newspapers have shut down or in the case of the Hartford Courant, the delivery is inconsistent. How many communities have a local paper that reports on news relevant to the community in which they live?  In Granby, we are fortunate. We can rely on the Granby Drummer to supply local and community news. Even during COVID, the Drummer was delivered to our mailboxes, or could be found at the library, YMCA and Geisslers. We expected The Drummer would always be delivered.

How has the Drummer survived all these years? The Drummer does not receive any monies from municipal funds, taxpayer dollars, or Community Fund support. Our existence relies on our advertisers. They support our newspaper through their ads. When you read the Drummer, take notice of the advertisers who place ads and give them your support. We would not be able to publish the Drummer without their financial support.

The Drummer is staffed by a group of loyal volunteers who donate their time and talents to publish our local newspaper. A shortage of workers is apparent in many industries. We are proud of our staff who volunteer every month. There is always a need for more volunteers. If you would like to inquire about how to help, please email our editor or call the Drummer office. ( Many hands make lighter work.

Thank you to those who generously donate to your hometown newspaper. COVID had an effect on us all, and we are doing our best to provide the quality newspaper that our readers deserve. The Citizens for a Better Granby, who publish the Drummer, meet every month to decide how best to serve the citizens of Granby through our published newspaper.

Rebecca Mikus, Member
Citizens for a Better Granby