Letters to the Editor

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Proper grammar—a lost value

I want to salute the Granby Drummer for being diligent and dedicated in providing succinct and
editorially correct content. It is a pleasure to read the Drummer where in contrast to media rhetoric, in daily conversations, during Connecticut legislative representatives’ interviews; we continuously hear incorrect verbalization.

We watch town board meetings, where BOE members who should be setting a sterling example fail to do so grammar wise in their commentary. Parents also must set good examples in the home as well by using proper speech by eliminating coarse language. Children subjected to uncivil grammar will reflect it in their own communications resulting in projecting a poor image.

Let us drop the CRT, sexual-topic curriculum for K-12 classes and WOKE objectives and spend more time on historical subjects (the three R’s) that will prepare them for a productive and cultured contribution to society. Children need to be raised to be independent thinkers who are free to make their own personal life decisions. They should not be raised like a herd of sheep dictated to by a national or local government. It is time for the WOKE folk to wake up to these facts.

We the People—Don’t tread on us.

Susan Patricelli Regan

Praise for Principal Greer

June is Pride Month! This is nothing new. In fact, it arose out of the Stonewall riots of June 1969 and officially recognized at the federal level since 1999. Human rights including LGBTQ+ rights should not be the divisive, political issues that they are, but sadly that is our reality in the U.S. right now.

Many Granby residents may be aware of criticism and backlash toward Wells Road Intermediate School’s principal from a few vocal individuals who contacted the media over a brief video shown on June 1 during the morning message. The video highlights several children describing what Pride means to them. The opponents of this video have taken a tiny moment in time, taken it out of context, and massively overblown the purpose and message of the video. Some have stated that they felt parental permission should have been requested before the video was shared. Because of the speculation and disinformation being spread on social media, I feel the need to both defend and praise Principal Greer, while clarifying the nature of the morning messages delivered by her each school day. I stand behind Greer with the vast majority of Wells staff and parents, with our unwavering support, respect and admiration. Following are some excerpts from the letter I sent to the Granby BOE and School Administrators:

During the pandemic, Principal Greer took over the task of delivering a prerecorded morning message, complete with Pledge of Allegiance and School Pledge, school activities, etc. She uses those 2-3 minutes each morning to reach every single student and most staff members, lighting a spark in us for the day. She ends each message by reminding us all of our Wells Road foundational values: To be Responsible, Respectful, Safe and (most importantly) Kind.

Principal Greer also uses her message to praise students who deserve special recognition, wish a happy birthday to everyone in the building on their special day, and spread inspiring messages, quotes or poems (accompanied by a different school-appropriate song each day). Throughout the year, Principal Greer will highlight influential people by sharing their stories during federally-recognized holidays and events like Women’s History Month, Black History Month, Asian-American and Pacific Islander Month. All of this is done in an age-appropriate, non-political manner. These stories and messages, just like picture books and chapter books chosen to tie in to curriculum goals, expose our children to important history, real-world lessons, and diverse perspectives.

I am proud to be a Wells Road Intermediate School staff-member, surrounded by positivity, love and kindness. Our principal, teachers and staff are all doing their best to navigate a difficult climate in a balanced fashion. We are faced with daily behavioral challenges from many students, but care about every single student in our care enough to balance discipline with compassion. We are often a life-line for children dealing with unbearable trauma and strong emotions. We listen, offer safe-haven and if needed, a shoulder to cry on. We treat every child as the unique individual they are, with support, respect, empathy and love. Every single student matters. Every single child deserves to be represented, included and seen! Please know that all of us at Wells try to do this each and every day. Without this foundational care, the academic subjects could not be successfully learned by our students.

Kimberley McCord
Wells Road School teaching assistant