Support for Emery

We are writing in support of Jenny Emery’s candidacy for election to Granby’s Board of Finance. After a very successful, 40-year career in risk management and finance, in which she worked with thousands of towns and schools across the country, Jenny has chosen to invest her considerable energy, intelligence, and enthusiasm into the town she loves. Already, Granby is the better for it. One need only look at her volunteer work around town.

Support for Lofink

I have known Jim Lofink for over eight years, and have worked with him in a number of different capacities. I know from personal experience that whenever Jim decides to take on a commitment, he gives 100 percent of his energy, effort, and focus to the task at hand.

Support for Logan

This note is to support Monica Logan for the Granby Board of Education. I have known Monica since shortly after we both moved to Granby six years ago, and am excited at the possibility of having someone as knowledgeable, dedicated, creative and empathetic as she is to serve our town and the future of Granby on our Board of Education.

Support for Moffa

I am writing in support of Dr. Fred Moffa’s candidacy for the Granby Board of Selectmen. I have lived in Granby for 35 years, and I have known Fred for more than two decades. In that time, I have come to respect Fred’s political wisdom and his deep commitment to the well-being of the citizens of Granby.

Support for Roberts

As a Granby resident and long-time community volunteer who cares passionately about our town, I am writing to strongly encourage all Drummer readers to vote for Dave Roberts for the Granby Board of Finance in the upcoming election.

Support for Rome

I ask the voters in Granby to support Kelly Rome in the upcoming election as she seeks a seat on the Board of Selectmen. A Granby native who knows and understands the town well, she has both solid work experience and a proven track record on the Board of Finance that will serve Granby well in the capacity as a selectman.

Support for Thrall

Sarah Thrall quietly and unassumingly gives back to support Granby, Quick-witted and smart, Sarah is the real deal. She is an active contributor with a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

Support for Roberts

We are writing to encourage all Granby residents to vote for Dave Roberts for the Granby Board of Finance in the Nov. 2 election. Dave and his family live in our West Granby neighborhood, and since retiring in 2017 he has been a very active volunteer throughout the Granby community.

Support for Rome

With a modest and endurable confidence, intelligence and genuine care for others, Kelly Rome has been an inspirational mentor in my life for as long as I can remember. As a young adult starting out in my career, it is important to have both female and male role models.