Support for Kearns Community Center

I am writing this letter in total support of the Kearns Community Center. As a Vietnam combat veteran, I unfortunately had to leave 20 of my brothers in the jungles of Laos in a war that historically is known as the Secret War, because the United States disavowed being there at the time.

Support for Kearns Community Center

I am a mom of three boys ages 11, 9 and 7. We live in Hartland, a great rural town, with one school for Pre-school through 8th grade, and then most kids go to Granby Memorial High School or Northwest Regional 7 in Winsted.

A Thank You

I recently became aware that Shirley Murtha is no longer reporting on the BOS meetings. I will certainly miss her detailed accounts of all matters before that board.

OpEd: If you’re a Granby taxpayer… and a pragmatist

Kearns School has been the focus of various Granby Study Committees assigned by the BOS since receipt of the transference from the Education Department in 2016. A variety of recommendations were made by those respective group members but no subsequent action has occurred. 

An unsolicited purchase offer was made on the Evonsion Farm but withdrawn after a public hearing, yet no further marketing efforts were/are currently forthcoming to my knowledge.

Community Center and business incubator for all

The Kearns Regional Community Center board of directors appreciates all of the support and questions from residents, town officials and the town advisory committee. We firmly believe that good questions lead to better outcomes, whether that is financial stability, small business development or social good.

Poetry and music in Granby

On March 9 I attended the statewide Poetry Out Loud competition in Middletown. I have served as a judge in the Granby Memorial High School for Poetry Out Loud for two years running and I had a rehearsal in Middletown that morning but I was able to see a little of the end result of the hard work of students from every town in Connecticut.

Equal Pay Day April 2

Recognize Equal Pay Day on April 2 to symbolize how far women and minorities are “in the red” with their paycheck. On Tuesday, April 2, women across the United States will join in a national day of action called Equal Pay Day.