Budget Meeting Notes

First Selectman Kuhnly opened the meeting and announced that if anyone from the audience had questions to please submit them in writing to the Town Manager or First Selectman.

Board of Education Notes

Kimberly Dessert, Kelly Lane Principal, and Anna Forlenza-Bailey, Wells Road Intermediate School Principal, shared updates on their respective School Improvement Plans with the board.

Granby hosts forum on state’s fiscal stability and economic growth

Granby was provided an opportunity at the town’s Senior Center, co-moderated by First Selectman Scott Kuhnly and Susan Patricelli Regan, to hear an exclusive presentation on the state’s fiscal status and challenges, given by Robert E. Patricelli, co-author of the document 2.0 Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth manifesto. Patricelli is the co-chairman on the State’s Fiscal Stability Commission along with Jim Smith, former president and CEO of Webster Bank.

Board of Education Minutes

Chuck Hershon, assistant principal at the middle school, updated how STEAM Committee work is making its way into classrooms across the district. Last year a shift was made to create collaborative action teams (CATs) that worked on several projects last year: the development of an AP Computer Science program, a re-design of the media center at Wells Road, the implementation of iPad carts at Kelly Lane and Steam Day at the middle school.