Application seeking to modify a Special Permit for a FRD re-subdivision under Zoning Regulations Section 8.20 to change limits of approved tree clearing for property located at 33 Cider Mill Heights, R2A Zone. File Z-21-20

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Write a letter to the North Pole: Dec. 1 – 19. Would you like to write a letter to the North Pole? We’ll supply the note paper and the “stamped” envelopes.

Registrars of Voters

Behind the scenes, a huge amount of preparation went into hosting the largest election turnout in Granby history—during a pandemic. Granby had a turnout of 88.43 percent, with 7,398 ballots cast, out of 8,366 eligible voters.

Social Services

Granby Local Assistance Program: Granby residents facing financial hardship may access funds once in a twelve-month period. The gross household income cannot exceed 60 percent of state median income, unless extenuating circumstances can be documented.

Public Works

Trash Holidays: Friday, Dec. 25, and Friday, Jan. 1, are holidays for Paine’s. All Friday trash/recycling pickups will be delayed by one day for these two weeks.

Balancing today with tomorrow

At its September meeting, all six members of the Board of Finance supported using the General Fund over the next few years to offset all or a portion of the projected Debt Service for the capital projects approved last year. The intent is to help flatten the rate of increase in the mill rate over the next few years.


Bill Regan indicated he was encouraged by the Aug. 19 meeting in regards to Glenn Ballard’s presentation of his analysis of Agbotic. He thanked Ballard for his resourcefulness.