Summer Memories

When I was a little girl, most homes and cars didn’t have air conditioning. On a hot summer’s day, the best way to cool off was to go the beach and swim in the ocean waves.

A June Day

Birds sing their summer songs at dawn and awaken me to an inviting morning.
Flowers of a myriad of colors welcome me outdoors to join them.

Remembering My Mother

As I remember my mother on Mother’s Day, I think of all she taught me by her actions.

The Forsythia’s Endurance

Throughout the long winter months, I’ve waited for spring and for my beloved forsythia to blossom again.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

We thank our Heavenly Father for all who gather around this Thanksgiving table today and for the plentiful food He provided. For, whether we are together in person or virtually, our hearts are united.

October’s Gifts

October’s Beauty calls us outdoors and surrounds us with the magnificent colors of her leaves. The air feels warm in the sun but cool in the shade—we wear a light jacket or sweatshirt.

Remembering September 11, 2001

It’s been 20 years since that tragic day, September 11, 2001—how far away in years, yet how close in my memory it remains.


How wonderful these days to see people’s smiling faces, to not have to rush indoors to the isolation of the house, to see neighbors out walking and stopping to chat, and to be out and about more in the world.

Thoughts While on a Walk

What a Blessing it is to see the flowers blooming in the yards,
To hear songbirds singing in the now leafed trees,