Jameson Maxwell Morris, (a.k.a. Max)

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Granby Memorial High School Senior

Age 17

Can you tell me about your

I moved to Granby from Milford when I was in first grade, so Granby has truly been my hometown. I have two college-age brothers and am the youngest in the family. Besides my studies I play lacrosse in the spring and enjoy weightlifting, especially power lifting. Another interest of mine is technology and participating on the robotics team.

I also like singing and acting and am in the drama club. In the play Almost Maine, a drama about love in different forms, I played the character Dave who was trying to get a girl interested in him. I’m thinking of a funny incident that happened in one of the shows. During the second presentation a girl that I was performing with took her jacket off too quickly and it got stuck. Everyone just waited; eventually we got a good laugh from the mishap.  Then in Grease I portrayed the role of Kenickie, a member of the T birds. In my spare time I play the guitar, bass and piano but prefer to spend time on the guitar. Although I taught myself the basics, currently I’m taking guitar lessons in Avon.

Since music is such a part of your life, can you talk about how it affects you?

For one thing, it is an outlet for me to express my emotions, but most of all it has helped me discover a lifetime path. In my elementary school years, I only liked technology; then in middle school I started playing guitar and it was as if a whole new world opened up for me. These days, it is one of my teachers, Miss Shilansky, who gives me inspiration. She is supportive and encouraging in this area.

Now that you are a senior, talk about the direction you are going in.

I would really like to go to Carnegie Mellon University. I’d like to study electrical and mechanical engineering as they relate to audio/acoustic engineering. Someday I hope to be a professional musician, both performing and recording music, and maybe a record producer. I’d actually like to try all aspects of the music and performing business.

What do you especially like about Granby High School?

 There are a lot of clubs that the students can join. People are very welcoming and though they are serious about their interests, they also know how to have a good time. My friends are supportive and when we put on a play in Drama Club even the leading athletes show up to watch the performance.