What Needs to Change?

I’ll tell you what needs to change;
Things that need to go as well
Small things to big things
All need to change in one way

Who Is To Say

Why is it that everyone must live up to the standards of normal,
that some normal is worse than being abnormal,
that some abnormalities are worse than being normal?

Ambiguous Rose

We are afraid of COVID
And yes, it is alarming
But something no one mentions
Is the disease within our own heart

Global Warming

Ice caps are melting. Weather is out of whack. Rainforests are being cut down. States are burning.

Summer Nights

The rain falls as if the ground pulls at it with a magnet. Unwillingly. Fall rain. Please fall. I let the droplets caress my smile, my eyelids, and my cheeks. I soak it in, staring up at the black sky.