Beginning a new year at GMHS

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As the temperatures gradually dropped and hinted at the pending arrival of a welcomed New England autumn, another new season arrived as well: the 2022-23 school year. For the previous two years, anxiety surrounding the start of school following a summer characterized by relaxation and freedom has been met with further qualms induced by the unpredictable circumstances of the pandemic. Yet, to the appreciation of Granby teachers, students and their families, the 2022-23 school year is the first in recent memory to begin without the need for the measures that helped to combat the effects of COVID in Granby while simultaneously dampening the spirit and charisma of the culture at GMHS.

While this school year does not boast any pandemic-related protocols, it would be unfair to suggest that the current situation at GMHS is uneventful. As current students can attest, the experience surrounding lunch is drastically different when compared to last year. The construction of a new kitchen in conjunction with new band and chorus rooms has caused the Community Gym to assume the role of the commons by hosting three waves of hungry students throughout the day. In addition to the location change, students have observed a welcomed new circumstance in contrast to last year with each lunch wave encompassing 30 minutes, an improvement from the allotted 23 minutes that had been the norm.

Yet beyond the tangible adjustments, students have recognized at the start of the year that a collection of underlying transitions is already beginning to occur. With the departure of the class of 2022 and the boisterous arrival of the class of 2026, each student has assumed a new role in some capacity. Much like the fashion in which the renovation of the old GMHS commons is soon to display a kitchen and other newly constructed areas, the constantly-shifting structure of classes from seniors to freshmen has already begun to create a new identity and culture amongst the student body.

The truth of the matter is that GMHS lost a significant aspect of its exuberant nature via graduation last year, but these vacancies only encourage the formation of an even stronger and committed group of students to represent GMHS in another great year of accomplishments. As usual, clubs and extracurricular activities are back up and running. Sports teams have been training tirelessly for the arrival of a new campaign and set their eyes on the 2022-23 year to be headlined by success and glory. Club members eagerly return to their interests following a relaxing summer, ready to fully invest themselves once again. And with a vastly diverse range of classes led by supportive teachers, students can rest assured that this school year is their opportunity to thrive.

At long last, school in Granby has returned to a state of normalcy, prepared to host another year characterized by student achievement and growth. None of this would be possible without the devoted staff and administrators who work tirelessly to shape the high school experience into what we know it to be. Failing to recognize the contributions of the staff here in Granby would overlook the effort that goes into constantly making GMHS the successful, well-rounded place it is. It is with this appreciation for the GMHS community that the 2022-23 school year has begun, and will continue to serve as a source of pride in Granby.