Cellular-agricultural research

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy should support public funding for cultured-meat research, with the goal of making the cell-grown, slaughter-free protein competitive with factory-farmed meat. Israeli startup Future Meat Technologies recently announced its ability to produce a quarter pound of cultured chicken for $7.50.


Thanks to Judy Guay Narkon, George Guay’s daughter, now 83 and living on Cape Cod, we have the following corrections for December’s article, The store that George Guay built.

Town of Granby Meeting Calendar

Check Town of Granby website or call Town Manager’s office to verify date and time, and get information on how to participate on Zoom, if needed.

Jen Bell joins CBG board

Kathy Norris, president of Citizens for a Better Granby (CBG), announced the election of Jen Bell to its board. CBG is the nonprofit volunteer organization that publishes the community newspaper, The Granby Drummer, now in its 51st year of operation.

Art exhibit open to public

Granby artist Alexander Anisimov invites the public to An Exhibition of Things Called Art, at 2 Park Place Gallery in Granby center.

New duck nest boxes installed

Granby Land Trust Board Member and photographer Dave Emery, Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve Property Steward Bob Saunders and property neighbor John Miller installed two additional wood duck nest boxes at the GLT’s Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve in North Granby during a snowstorm on Feb. 22.

Back in the Day and the Family Doctor

As a child, my family only went to the doctor when we were really ill. For financial reasons, most common problems were treated at home — for a sore throat, gargling with salt and water; for sprains, soaking in warm water and Epsom salt; for colds and coughs, Vicks VapoRub, honey, and cough syrup from the drug store (sometimes prescribed by the doctor); for cuts and scrapes, peroxide.

Drummer’s publishers to award scholarship

Citizens for a Better Granby, publishers of the Granby Drummer will award a $1,500 college scholarship to a graduating high school senior. To qualify, a student must be a Granby resident and be pursuing a career in communications or journalism.