Our sentiments exactly!

Some creative snow artists on Route 20 west of town built this icy PacMan ready to take a bite out of COVID-19.

On target to hold mill rate flat

At its February meeting, the Board of Finance set guidelines for FY22 operating budgets that freeze the mill rate at the same level as it has been for the past two years. The action reflects the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Granby veterinarian honored

Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Christopher Weber, center, was one of the Best Veterinarian winners featured in the March 2021 Horse Illustrated magazine.

A challenging year to raise library funds

The Friends of Granby Public Library (FOGPL) raises the majority of its funds through the annual book sale that usually takes place in September. Unfortunately, the 2020 book sale was canceled—but we are determined to hold the book sale in 2021.


First Selectman Kuhnly opened the public hearing and stated that the purpose of the hearing is to receive public comment regarding the proposed sale of town-owned land at 4, 11 and 15 North Granby Road and 3 East Granby Road for the intersection improvements at US 202/Route 10 at Route 10 and Route 189. Ward read the Legal Notice as published.

Enjoying winter in Granby

Granby snowshoers enjoying a February outing in the Granby Land Trust’s Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in Granby Land Trust, McLean Game Refuge and Holcomb Farm properties have been terrific this year.

Kudos for Community Kitchen

Not all heroes wear capes. Granby Community Fund is very aware that community agencies, staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of the Granby community during this time.

Reallocate subsidies

Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal should support reallocating the billions of dollars a year in subsidies the federal government gives to animal-exploitation industries to cultured-meat research. For readers who aren’t familiar with the term, cultured meat is grown from cells, without killing.