Board of Finance sets budget guidelines

At its January and February meetings the Board of Finance considered operating budget forecasts from the administrations as well as the various pieces of the revenue picture. In January the Board of Finance set operating budget guidelines of 4 percent, reflecting the increasing cost of special education and outplacements as well as for health benefits.

“Tap” and sweet rewards can result

Arlow Case, Jr., owner of Sweet Wind Farm in East Hartland, sets a tap to begin his maple sugar operation. His goal is to get 4,000 taps in each season, tapping trees in Granby, Hartland and other neighboring towns.

Tackling capital and infrastructure

In recent months, the Capital Program Priority Advisory Committee (CPPAC) has been meeting to formulate a multi-year plan to address what the boards view as their greatest priority capital needs. The focus is on the next five years as we look to balance potential expenditures with operating budget needs and the revenue picture.

Downed power lines—don’t be a victim!

Granby’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is hosting a presentation by Eversource on the characteristics, issues, and dangers presented by power lines. Power lines on the poles present dangers as well as those downed by accidents or Mother Nature.

Selling the family farm

For many in town, as farm property has been passed along through the generations, zoning laws have become more restrictive and complicated each year. When an aunt or uncle dies, several family members may own the farm.

Questioning the Kearns proposal

We are concerned that the condition of the state finances is going to cause the taxes in Granby to go up. We have watched the Kearns School sit empty for almost 3 years, requiring maintenance annually for $30,000–$50,000.