Upper classman offers freshmen advice

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Camden Robertson

1. Don’t be scared! Freshman year is undeniably a new experience, but remember that your entire class is in the same boat! And furthermore, the classes above you, though they may not seem like it, were freshman once too.
2. Challenge yourself! When choosing between an honors or an academic class, default towards the harder option if even part of you feels ready. You can always change classes after two weeks if you think the class is too difficult, but it is important to challenge yourself and learn as much as you can. Plus, it is much easier to drop to an easier class, than to change to a harder one.

3. Carry lots of ones, and water… This advice may seem strange, but the high school has vending machines that students can frequently use, which only accept one dollar bills, and the high school can be quite hot during the early fall weeks, so it is very important to stay hydrated.
4. Step out of your comfort zone! High school is the time to figure out what kind of a student you are, and what subjects you enjoy. Take some classes you would not normally take, and don’t be afraid to join a new club or sport!
5. Apply yourself and get involved! It is so very important to try your best in all of your classes, as this is you first school year where your grades, whether you like it or not, do truly matter. That being said, it is also important to have a little fun! Go to the football games, the dances, the band concerts, etc. Your high school experience flies by quickly, and it is important to get as much as you can out of your next four years.
6. Stay organized, and don’t create stress for yourself. Although the workload is a lot, it is very important to keep your work straight. Write down when things are due in whatever manner you choose, and organize your papers using binders or folders. Losing homework or study materials can be extremely stressful, and in order to keep your GPA up, it is important to keep your schoolwork organized. It will save lots of time!
7. Be healthy, physically and mentally. Eat healthy, drink water, get exercise, and sleep sleep sleep. When completing your assignments, try to look at the big picture. Do the things that are due the next day first, and give yourself some time to rest. Keeping yourself sane as best you can is so important, especially when midterms and finals come around.
8. Study! More than ever, studying and paying attention in class is vital. Use flashcards, quizlet, study groups, etc., and find what works for you. Prioritize what information you need to spend time on, and eliminate distractions as best you can.
9. Have fun! Breathe, don’t stress, and take things as they come. Freshman year is a blast if you allow it to be!