It’s going to be a walk in the Park!

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The new walking path is indicated in red

The Town of Granby has received a $453,000 grant for the installation of a pedestrian-friendly walking path along the perimeter of Salmon Brook Park.

In 2018, the Town constructed a sidewalk along Route 10/202 that continued a bit into the park. Fast forward a few years and the Parks and Recreation Board began thinking about extending the sidewalk.

Kristine Vincent, the director of Recreation and Leisure Services, conducted a survey in 2021 to find out what residents might like to see added to the recreation program, and specifically what they would like to see added to Salmon Brook Park. Residents gave a lot of positive feedback to extending the initial sidewalk further into the park, and now that is going to happen, thanks to the grant.

The grant is being provided through the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP), which is a state program that delivers grants to small towns for capital projects. The Salmon Brook Park Pedestrian Connector is the official working title for this project. Construction is expected to begin the spring.

 Vincent notes that persons in a wheelchair, pushing a stroller, riding a bike, running, or just walking, will be able to use this five-foot wide asphalt path to access all parts of the park and the hiking trails around it. It will connect to the McLean Game Refuge trail system, located to the west of the park. This will give those who lack sidewalks in their neighborhoods a safe place to exercise and enjoy nature.

The construction of this path contributes to the vision of creating a walkable connected Granby Center.