For a Friend

I think of you especially, today, as I see the red geraniums and small American flags on the graves in the cemetery. Later, there’ll be a parade in your honor and for all who so bravely gave their lives for our country.

April Thoughts

The forsythia, reflecting the sun’s warmth, and touched by God’s hand, blossoms in its yellow glory. Fragrant hyacinths of white, pink, and blue, planted many Easters ago, resurrect and bring their Beauty to the world.

Granby student stars in Cobb School’s opera

On March 8, Cobb School Founder and Head of School Mary Lou Cobb applauded the many people who made her last “opera week” such an enormous success. In June, after 45 years of service, Mary Lou Cobb will step down from her post as head of school.


There’s a break in the bitter temperatures, snow, and icy rain, and I’m able to keep my doctor’s appointment today. The hospital’s parking garage is almost filled—so many people here today (I think.) One has to be careful just getting out of the car as little pieces of ice have fallen from cars parked here earlier.

Going to Lunch at the Senior Center

Tuesdays and Thursdays have a special encounter

A wholesome lunch at the Senior Center. Menus of Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese,

Chicken Cacciatore, or Turkey Stew if you please.