Marquis of Granby, after a pause

Drive by the American Legion Post 182 on North Granby Road and you might notice a bus parked in the back, with Marquis of Granby lettered on its sides. It is the much-cherished transport of the local all-youth Ancient Fyfe & Drum Corps.

Busy summer for Marquis of Granby

The Marquis of Granby Ancient Junior Fyfe and Drum Corps has a very busy summer planned. The kids have already performed in several parades and community events since the arrival of warm weather.

Thanks for supporting the Marquis of Granby

Marquis of Granby wants to thank everyone who contributed to its fundraiser held at the Thomas Hooker Brewery on March 9. The event was a huge success, with 100 percent of proceeds going to help members of the corps get to Scotland this August.

Support Marquis and enjoy an evening out

Known for its performances in parades locally as well as across the northeast, this August the Marquis will embark on an international trip to Scotland. This experience will allow the members of the corps to continue to learn about music, history and culture while sharing their award-winning talents internationally from multiple opportunities to jam with Scottish musical reenactment groups, to having the honor of performing at the International Fringe Festival while in Edinburgh.  They will learn about Scottish culture, including musical traditions, historical foundations, and modern lifestyle as well as perform with musicians from around the world.