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Known for its performances in parades locally as well as across the northeast, this August the Marquis will embark on an international trip to Scotland. This experience will allow the members of the corps to continue to learn about music, history and culture while sharing their award-winning talents internationally from multiple opportunities to jam with Scottish musical reenactment groups, to having the honor of performing at the International Fringe Festival while in Edinburgh.  They will learn about Scottish culture, including musical traditions, historical foundations, and modern lifestyle as well as perform with musicians from around the world. What an experience.

The Marquis of Granby Junior Ancient Fyfe and Drum corps has had community support for almost half a century. It is this support that sets the Marquis apart and ensures its continuous success. Having the support of its own community gives members of the corps a distinct sense of pride. When they are out there performing, rain or shine, they know they are representing their community, a community dedicated to fostering music, historical traditions and the importance of leadership training.

On Friday, March 9, the Marquis of Granby will host a fundraiser at Thomas Hooker Brewery in Bloomfield, from 6 to 9 p.m. Raffles and exciting silent auction items await your bidding. Come enjoy unlimited tastings, brewery tour, food and Scottish music for just $25 per person. Donations for the auction and raffle are greatly appreciated.

The proceeds from the fundraiser will help pay for the transport of drums, flags, muskets and other equipment, as well as off-set costs for members traveling to Scotland.

Inquiries can be directed to Heidi Darling, event leader for the Thomas Hooker Brewery fundraiser, 860-466-0056 or

For more information about the Marquis, please visit

The Corps wishes to extend continued thanks to the Granby Community Fund and the community at large for its long-time commitment of support!