Granby’s Got Talent

Do you have a special talent that you’ve been itching to share with others? Or are you perhaps a seasoned performer with a love for music or dance?

Helpful study tips for students

As we pass the week of midterms at GMHS, you may have been hoping for a better grade on some of your exams. This article may help give your grades for future tests and final exams a little boost, as it will suggest tips you have never used before, or may help you bring your current strategies to the next level. Whether you are a freshman or an experienced upperclassman, it is always helpful to learn new last-minute study tricks or try out some entirely different strategies.

How to communicate with your teenage children

Parents, you are incredible role models and important figures in your children’s lives, but sometimes it is hard for parents and children to get along. The relationship will never be seamless, but this article was created to hopefully open a small part of a teenagers life to a parent, to help them better understand the wants and needs of a teen today.