Pandemic created new veterinary experience

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A recent New York Times article reported that 70 percent of millennials own pets. This may seem high but the pandemic created the perfect conditions for a pet boom. Working remotely certainly encouraged the younger generation to find pets and give them lots of attention. According to a quick Google search, millennials tend to be highly educated, tech-savvy and family-oriented. Veterinary medicine is changing to meet the demands of the post-pandemic millennials and their pets.

Upscale boutique veterinary clinics are popping up in the cities. The new veterinary experience includes phone apps, round-the-clock telemedicine and memberships. Young pet owners are interested in instant service to maintain their pet’s good health. In this model, technology combines with good old-fashioned TLC to keep the pets healthy and the owners happy.

The only problem is that there is a shortage of veterinarians and technicians. Veterinary colleges have increased their class sizes but the demand is growing every year. Education costs are also very high. Veterinary medicine is a rewarding profession but caring for clients’ beloved pets can be stressful. 

At Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital, the pandemic created an extremely busy work environment, but its staff has managed to keep the pets and their owners happy. Most pet owners have been very understanding and appreciative of the staff’s ability to perform curb-side service. We will be getting back to normal soon and look forward to seeing you all in person.