CTVV Interviews Granby Schools’ Superintendent

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Based on the fact that the education department of any town or city makes up a majority of that municipality’s annual budget, it is important to be educated on its status, both fiscally and operationally. This has been particularly true with the challenges of COVID-19 while educating our youth and maintaining safety for parents, students, teachers, institutional staff and external support such as transportation service workers.

Susan Patricelli Regan, host of CT Valley Views, recently interviewed Dr. Jordan Grossman, Superintendent of Public Schools in Granby, who provided a comprehensive overview of all aspects relative to the above subjects. Whether residents have children in Granby schools or not, it is important to watch this program as it relates to the current and economic picture for Granby and its tax paying citizens. Granby has, over the past several years, delivered admirably relevant to the ROI (return on investment) in the success of students academically versus cost per child.

To keep up with the latest updates on all subjects relating to Granby’s public education schools see granby.k12.ct.us/

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