Support for Moffa

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Connecticut is facing multiple crises: COVID, an economic slowdown, climate change and healthcare. We need leaders in our state government that will listen to science in creating policy. That’s why I’m supporting Dr. Fred Moffa for state senate on Nov. 3. 

As a doctor and small business owner who built his practice from scratch right here in Granby, Dr. Moffa knows what families and businesses need from our state legislature. He won’t play politics with public health. As a physician, quality, affordable healthcare is a top priority for me and I know Dr. Moffa agrees.

His opponent is by all accounts a decent man, but he is employed by Eversource and must recuse himself on all matters involving Eversource. Dr. Moffa is not looking to make the state senate a second job. I know he will be able to look out for all of our interests and I appreciate his independence. Granby needs Dr. Moffa working for us as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s move forward by electing Dr. Fred Moffa to the state senate.

Seth Lapuk, M.D., FACC, FAAP

Editor’s note: Dr. Lapuk is Associate Clinical Professor, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center