CTVV: An interview with Oz Griebel

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Susan Patricelli Regan, and Oz Griebel, chair of Serve America Movement. Submitted photo

Susan Patricelli Regan, host of CT Valley Views had the opportunity to interview Oz Griebel, chair of Serve America Movement (SAM) that was initiated on a national basis in 2016, and more recently, in 2019, in Connecticut. Griebel previously was president and CEO of Metro Hartford Alliance and twice ran for governor, first as a Republican and then as an Independent with running mate Monty Frank, a former Democrat. His experience in the political and business arenas provide significant knowledge required to lead the SAM mission’s Connecticut-based organization.

SAM’s focused objectives are, one: open Connecticut’s taxpayer-funded primaries; two: adopt ranked-choice voting for all elections, and three: mandate term limits for all constitutional and legislative offices. 

This CTVV segment is a must see for all Connecticut taxpayers and voters as this movement is to reinvigorate the kind of “citizen government” envisioned by our country’s founders. For further information see joinsamct.org

To see this interview check with your local PATV station’s airing schedule in April or on our website at ctvalleyviews.com where you see all of the shows.