Connecticut cyber security at risk

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Arthur House, former Chief Cyber Security Risk Officer for the State of Connecticut and Susan Patricelli Regan, host of CT Valley Views. Submitted photo

We all are aware of the daily issues of playing defense against a barrage of ransomware challenges when it comes to managing the personal and business information on our computers. We need to constantly monitor and update firewalls to protect our private and critical data on the internet or we become victims of nation states and/or mercenaries. In fact, even if you are “held hostage” for a financial ransom and you pay it, these thieves may actually be unable to restore your files to working order.

Now consider that any municipality or the entire State of Connecticut could be shut down within a few minutes without continuous scanning and use of comprehensive security systems—banks, hospitals and all public utilities would be a jeopardy paralyzing the entire grid. Be sure to watch this enlightening CTVV segment with Host Susan Patricelli Regan and her guest, Arthur House, Former Chief Cyber Security Risk Officer for the State of Connecticut.

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