Support for BOE Candidates

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I am writing to offer my support to Monica Logan for election to the Granby Board of Education. Monica and her husband relocated to Granby with their two young sons in part because of the reputation of the Granby school system. Monica is extremely hard working, dedicated and conscientious. Her ability to be a strong advocate, find creative solutions, and listen to all viewpoints will no doubt serve the school district and community well. She is able to see problems and challenges with a fresh eye and make smart decisions with a common sense approach. As the parent of four school age children, I have experienced first hand the challenges that this district faces in serving children at all levels.

I have the utmost confidence that Monica Logan will advocate for changes that will best serve our students and families. Please consider voting for Monica Logan for the Granby Board of Education in the upcoming election. 

Nicole Martel

Rosemarie Weber and Mark Fiorentino are seeking re-election to the Granby Board of Education. I place my public trust in their proven ability and ask that you join me in voting for these two outstanding candidates on Nov. 5.

Why? The answer is simple, Rosemarie and Mark are highly skilled contributors. Volunteering their time and professional talent, these two incumbents know what it takes to work as part of a team collaborating to support, govern and run the Granby school district. A high achieving school district such as ours benefits greatly from BOE members like Rosemarie and Mark. They never lose sight of the main priority: the students. They value consensus building and teamwork. They put political affiliation aside and work cooperatively with all board members to reach resolution through collaboration, commitment to collegiality and mutual respect.

Driven by integrity of process, Rosemarie and Mark understand that positive change and district improvement is inextricably linked to public trust and service. Rosemarie has a deep record of public service, extending from her early years of active duty in the U.S. Army to her professional career as an Assistant Attorney General for the state’s child protection unit. For a decade, Rosemarie has worked tirelessly as a BOE member and now serves as board secretary and chairperson of the curriculum committee. During her free time, you may spot Rosemarie at the Farmington Valley YMCA volunteering for the Tsunamis swim team or cheering on her children from the pool gallery. Mark is also an attorney working in the public sector.

Mark is in his sixth year on the BOE, currently serving as vice-chair and heading up the finance committee. In his spare time, Mark is often seen out and about in Granby volunteering at the land trust and enjoying the natural beauty of our town. Our family of fishing fanatics look forward to his monthly column, Waypoints, in the Drummer. Mark’s self-deprecating, clever humor is a must read for outdoor enthusiasts and sparks lots of laughter in our household. Rosemarie and Mark are contributors with a proven track record firmly rooted in the Granby community. As the Granby school district selects a new superintendent, public trust and BOE stability is crucial. Rosemarie and Mark have my vote.

Beth A. Cherubino

I am honored to support Rosemarie Weber for the Board of Education. I have known Rosemarie for over 10 years and found her to be genuine, honest and an incredibly hard worker. All great qualities that will help our children strive through her work on the board. Rosemarie has served our country, our town and our education system. She puts Granby first as is evident in her actions and the volunteer work she provides. She is one of the nicest people I know and I am very happy to call her my friend.

Please join me in supporting Rosemarie Weber on Nov. 5. Thank you.

B. Scott Kuhnly

Jenny Emery is seeking her third term for the Board of Education. We are fortunate to have someone with Jenny’s experience as a member of the Board of Education. Her steady leadership, passion for education and strategic vision are critical as a new superintendent will be arriving. I appreciate Jenny’s thoughtful leadership. She seeks out differing points of view, weighs the perspective and reaches a reasonable conclusion. Jenny is a tireless advocate for the Granby school district while holding the administration accountable for results.  I strongly endorse Jenny’s re-election to the Board of Education and encourage your vote for Jenny on Nov. 5.

Ben Perron

I am writing to offer my support for Lynn Guelzow for re-election to the Board of Education. Lynn and her family have been committed Granby residents for over 21 years and during this time she has shown a passion for volunteering and community service.  Over her years of service Lynn has demonstrated her strong commitment to our town’s educational system. She relies on research to guide her decision making on new proposals, and on supporting a varied curriculum. Lynn has always shown a strong commitment to our talented teachers. I strongly feel that she would continue to be a valuable asset to our Board of Education. Please vote for Lynn Guelzow on Nov. 5.

Amy Aureli

We have known Dave and Jenny Emery from almost the time they moved to North Granby and bought their farm on Loomis Street. They have been thoughtful stewards of that land and immediately threw themselves into the town’s civic and political activities. They have served on numerous boards and commissions, in every case with passion and focus.

Jenny has served on the Board of Education for two terms and is seeking her third one. She is energetic, knowledgeable and easy to work with and her distinguished career in the corporate world has honed her financial sophistication and critical thinking skills. Their three children went through the Granby school system and they have maintained an intimate relationship with all of the schools both because of Jenny‘s involvement on the Board of Education and Dave’s serving as the varsity coach for the boys’ soccer and lacrosse teams. When something needs to be done, one of them quickly says “I can do that” and people can assume that the chore is as good as done. This past fall, for instance, Jenny spearheaded the drive to support the budget referendum that offered significant help to the Granby public schools. Those who know her, and we consider her to be a very good friend, respect the values she embraces in her life and her generosity in contributing her considerable talents and untold hours of hard work to the town she and Dave love.

Please join us in supporting Jenny in the upcoming election.

Put and Nannie Brown

I am writing to publicly add my enthusiastic support to the many who already support Dave Peling in the upcoming school board election.

I have had the amazing good fortune to be Dave’s neighbor for the past 10 years. I have come to rely on him as a friend and neighbor. I know him to be a patient listener who remains level headed and fully considers options before making decisions. He is well organized and a practical thinker who follows through on commitments.

Dave has children in Wells Road and Granby High School, but his commitment to the Granby public schools reaches well beyond the interests of his own children. Dave cares deeply about the quality of education for all students. He will advocate fairly and avidly for students, families, teachers, and administrators, to achieve the best possible outcome for Granby. 

Dave is not just a wonderful parent, husband, friend and neighbor. He has dedicated his life to the field of education as a student, teacher, administrator and coach. He has an exceptionally broad educational vision, and he’s dedicated to helping all students succeed. He will be an incredible asset to the Board of Education in Granby.

I encourage all Granby residents to elect Dave in November.

Katharine Leenders

Our daughter Keara was a history teacher at Conard High School in West Hartford from 2007 to 2015. Her subject was modern European History. At that time, David Peling was a history teacher at Hall High School in West Hartford. Each year during spring break Conard and Hall High Schools’ A.P. history students were given the opportunity to participate in an educational European tour. David Peling and our daughter chaperoned that program. In 2011, they landed in London on the first stop of their trip. The next day they were advised that their additional flights to the other European countries were cancelled due to the volcanic ash. Faced with what appeared to be a disaster and a ruined trip for over 20 students, David Peling quickly went into action and organized an overland tour of the many historic sites in England and Scotland. On this trip, David exhibited his leadership, high level of experience and professionalism. Qualities that were evident on all of those European trips.

David Peling has all the skills and experience necessary to be a productive member of the Granby Board of Education.

Liam P. O’Leary

On Nov. 5, I will cast my vote for Lynn Guelzow for the Board of Education. Lynn Guelzow is a person with strong roots in both the Granby community and in volunteerism. Her record of service, including two terms on the board, is exemplary. Lynn is dedicated to student achievement and will continue her record of service, maintaining focus on stability as we transition to new leadership as a member of the Board of Education. As a parent of children in Granby schools, I trust that Lynn will dedicate herself to the success of every student. As a public school teacher, I am confident that Lynn will utilize her years of service in education to continue to make our schools a safe place where our children are free to learn and grow and where teachers will be able to hone and implement a curriculum that allows students to delve deep into the subject matter.

In education, we have conversations around many topics: accommodations, equity, achievement and assessment. Our community needs a person with a clear vision honed through years of experience and service with the flexibility of a mind that remains willing to learn and embrace new ideas. We need a leader who strikes a balance between the new and old, bringing fresh perspective and energy to strategies and methods, that have withstood the test of time. Lynn is that individual. I hope that you will join me in casting your vote for Lynn Guelzow on Nov. 5.

Jessica Pietrosanti

I would like you to take a moment to think about yourself and your family and try to remember that one adult who made a difference in your life. We have all had mentors, teachers and coaches who have molded us in a positive way. Mark Fiorentino did that for me, for my daughter and for our family. Mark gave us the gift of being the best coach we ever had. He not only focused on building the girls’ confidence and skills, but also helped the parents be part of the growth experience. He was able to involve the parents by assigning a parent to keep notes of positive things they saw during the game. This method made the parents a part of team growth instead of criticizing coaching techniques or time on the court. The parents had to present their remarks to the teams at the end of the game, which made them accountable and required them to focus on the right things. He generally built everyone’s confidence and also became so excited he jumped almost three feet in the air during one game. 

I am sure Mark approaches his work on the BOE the same as he approached coaching my family—with honesty, energy, focus and a very positive attitude. Please support him for Granby Board of Education.

Catherine Slattery

I am writing to endorse the candidacy of Christine Peaslee as a member of the Granby Board of Education. In the interests of full disclosure, I am Christine’s ex-husband. We share a son who is currently in the fourth grade at Wells Road School. Christine also has two older children who spent their pre-college years in the Granby school system, and who are recent graduates. As a parent with a student in elementary school, I can’t think of anyone I would support more to be an advocate for children in our school system than Christine. 

Christine is passionate about children and the quality of their education, and if elected, she will be an advocate for fundamental equity in education. Since I moved to Granby in 2004, I have witnessed the progression of the Granby educational system over the years and have seen its evolution into one of the best school districts in the state. I know that Christine will work tirelessly to ensure that all of the children in the system continue to receive the opportunities and the resources necessary to be successful in their post-graduate careers. 

This may sound like an ambitious task given the economy and our state budget woes, but Christine has significant experience in finance and has served on several boards, and she knows how to negotiate, problem solve and get things done. She knows her way around a budget and is a person I trust to find a way to make our tax dollars work in the best possible way for our children. 

Finally, I believe that it is extremely important that the Board of Education be composed primarily of parents with children who are currently in the school system. I feel that such individuals are in the best position to assess the needs of the students and professional educators and to offer long term solutions to ensure that the district continue to provide the high quality educational experience that our residents have come to expect. 

Please vote for Christine.

Jeffrey Somers

I am writing to voice my support for Board of Education candidate Christine Peaslee.  Christine is a local Granby mom who has had two children graduate from, and one child who is still in, the Granby school district. She has a solid interest in our schools now and for years ahead.

Christine’s focus is about OUR children, their education and future. She listens with an open mind and will support what is best for the schools, teachers and, most of all, the students.

Christine has served as Vice President and Corporate Secretary for MassMutual, and was Granby PTO’s Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary.

When considering who to elect, please consider my good friend Christine Peaslee. 

Lisa Vitelli

Please join us in re-electing Rosemarie Weber to the Granby Board of Education. Rosemarie has over 10 years of board experience and serves as the chairperson of the critical and influential curriculum sub-committee. In that role, working directly with school administrators, she has championed the development of educational programs and opportunities that have consistently raised student performance. We can be proud of our schools and the accomplishments of our valued students and dedicated educators.

Rosemarie’s extensive and distinguished career as an attorney advocating for the rights of Connecticut children to ensure their health and safety, provides her with unique insights and understanding of the needs of students, particularly those with special needs. 

In addition to Rosemarie’s education accomplishments (BA, U of Pa; MPA, Golden Gate U; and JD, Quinnipiac U. School of Law), she served in the United States Army as an officer and Company Commander at the Army’s National Training Center in California. 

Without question, Rosemarie’s exceptional skills and talents, coupled with a pragmatic perspective on managing fiscal education budgets and expenditures, make her a key volunteer in the service of Granby parents, students and educators.

By any measure, Rosemarie is an outstanding candidate. We urge you to vote and re-elect Rosemarie Weber to the Granby Board of Education.

Helen and Al Wilke

I had the opportunity to serve with Mark Fiorentino as a student representative on the Granby Board of Education when I was in high school. Mr. Fiorentino is passionate about nurturing a school environment that evokes an excitement for learning within students and challenges the district to continually make changes to provide a higher quality of education. His dedication stems from his personal connection to the Granby school system and his children. He aims to ensure all students are more than adequately prepared for their post-graduation endeavors.

Mr. Fiorentino acted as a guiding hand to the student representatives on the BOE by making it known that our perspectives were valued and he continually encouraged us to actively contribute to the conversation. The voice of the student body is important to Mr. Fiorentino. Please join me in voting for Mark Fiorentino on Nov. 5.

Victoria Myers

I am writing to support the candidacy of Dave Peling for the Granby Board of Education. As a former colleague and office mate of 15 years, I have observed his ability to shape the education and development of every student. Dave cares about the future of all children and understands the power and awesome responsibility of public education. As a professional educator, he will bring that perspective to the board. Granby needs Dave Peling’s voice to help the town continue its pursuit of educational excellence for every student.

Ray Sweetland

I hope that you will join me in voting for my friends Jenny Emery, Lynn Guelzow, and Monica Logan for the Board of Education. These strong and resourceful women each have a profound interest in our schools and deserve the opportunity to serve Granby.

Jenny and Lynn are currently on the BOE and have advocated for our students and the taxpayers’ bottom line. They offer stability and long-term perspectives about the needs of our district. Their voices will be more important than ever with a new superintendent coming to Granby soon.

As an attorney and a mother with young children, Monica offers the board fresh eyes and a keen mind. Her experience in negotiation and resolution would be an asset when working out new contracts and keeping the district on a path to success.

In short, Jenny, Lynn and Monica are needed voices on the BOE. Please vote for them on Nov. 5.

Kim Becker

I am writing to offer my support for Mark Fiorentino for re-election to the Granby Board of Education.

Mark and I first met in 2014 when our children became friends in middle school, and ever since, he has become a privilege to get to know both personally and professionally. We served together as members of the GMHS football supporters during the time when our sons played football together and that was where I really got the chance to see everything that Mark embodies.

While working with Mark to support our high school football program, it was easy to see his passion, energy and exceptional work ethic shine through. I can unwaveringly say that Mark works tirelessly for the better of everybody around him.

Mark has already proven himself while serving on our Board of Education. He dedicates an incredibly large amount of time to our education system in town. I have the utmost confidence that he will continue to do so in his next term.

Thank you, Mark, for all of your hard work to enhance Granby’s education system. We look forward to seeing how you continue to do so for the betterment of our community.

Jennifer Fenton Rome