Granby people celebrated

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Granby celebrated, for different reasons, the departure of a number of unique people and/or institutions who have enriched the town over recent years and who can be emulated but never replaced.

Permit me to acknowledge them.

Bobbie Sullivan

Bobbie and husband Bruce arrived in Granby to produce and bring up kids in the early 1960s. Bobbie quickly earned the reputation as that nice young woman who always had the time to help others or to volunteer for “whatever.” She also “adopted” the Cossitt Library and could be seen quietly making things happen at the periodic book sales and other Cossitt events in North Granby.

Bobbie recently lost a twenty-plus year fight with cancer.

Mike and Mary Keating

Also known by their synonym as “Granby Pharmacy,” Mike and Mary ran their business and run their lives in ways that convince those who appreciate living in small towns. Generous to a fault with both their time and treasure, they are supporters of most Granby activities of value. It was nice to know that whatever one put in the “notary” jar to acknowledge a service would find its way to a deserving local recipient. The Granby Pharmacy was a local institution. 

The Keatings have retired to a well-deserved time to smell the roses!

Alan Addley

I’m certain that those in town without a direct connection with the schools must have appreciated our former superintendent’s efforts to improve the schools while doing so in a financially conservative fashion. In this writer’s opinion, Alan’s connection with people—his students, staff, and the public in general was more valuable. During his tenure as our high school principal, each student received a Happy Birthday phone call on the appropriate day. He was happiest when involved with projects intended to improve programs and student outcomes or helping to extend a staff member’s career.

We were fortunate to have Alan for over two decades. Darien’s gain is our loss.