CTVV-Long term care, estate planning component

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David Guttchen, director for the CT Partnership for Long Term Care and Susan Patricelli Regan

David Guttchen, director for the Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care, has been a frequent guest on CT Valley Views with Host Susan Patricelli Regan due to the program’s relevance not only to the quality of life for Connecticut citizens but also germane to protection of an individual’s life savings and retirement planning.

Long Term Care is one of CT Valley Views most often watched segments.  If you have seen the previous interviews, this will be a refresher course, but if not, every aging Connecticut resident and close extended family should be educated on this critical element to managing fiscal security should you become incapacitated and require care assisted services. See the show at www.ctvalleyviews.com

Additionally, you can contact The CT Partnership for Long Term Care @ www.ctpartnership.org or call 1-800-547-3443.