“Victorian Parlor Magic: Summer Soiree”

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The Storyteller’s Cottage will host its signature “Victorian Parlor Magic: Summer Soiree” event on Saturday, July 20 from 8 – 9:30 p.m. This unique live show begins with cocktails and croquet on the lawn, then just as dusk falls and the luminaria begin to glow, guests withdraw to the historic Victorian salon. Guests are welcome to come dressed in white tea dresses or light linen pants and straw boater hats to complete the immersive experience.

Expert magician David Reed-Brown performs fascinating sleight-of-hand tricks while walking among guests in this circa 1896 house. Close-up magic was popular at exclusive house parties in the Victorian era, and the elegant, candlelit rooms at the Storyteller’s Cottage set the mood perfectly. 

One of the most unique live magic shows in Connecticut, this up-close event features fascinating tricks performed right before the eyes of the formally dressed audience, perched breathlessly on the edges of their seats in the red and gold Victorian parlor. From items that disappear and reappear in unexpected places, to impossibly linked rings and mysteriously floating furniture, David Reed-Brown’s illusions never fail to thrill. 

The Victorian Parlor Magic show stands apart from the typical magical production because of its formal vintage flair and unusual up-close access to the magician. Guests are encouraged to dress in their cocktail finest, and the evening begins with brain-teaser games over elegant hors d’oeuvres and drinks. The mysterious Victorian atmosphere in the Jules Verne Library sets the stage for a fascinating and immersive experience. Sherlock Holmes and Charles Dickens would feel right at home observing this enchanting spectacle. 

Tickets are $50, and include soft drinks and dessert (cash bar available). For more info, www.storytellerscottage.com/book-online/fine-parlor-magic-july