The silent culture of domestic violence

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Karen Jarmoc, president and CEO, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence with Susan Patricelli Regan at CCADV offices in Wethersfield. Submitted photo

What do you do if you fear that you or your children are or will become victims of domestic violence? This is not limited to physical, but includes verbal abuse, harassment, and threats of assault directly or to the immediate family, estrangement from friends or family or curtailment of financial support. The silence is leveraged through the predator’s emotional control via warnings of imminent harm or even murder.

There is an agency that is a phone call away. Susan Patricelli Regan, host of Connecticut Valley Views interviewed Karen Jarmoc, president and CEO of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 2014 and revisited Jarmoc’s office to provide the public with updates on technical services, process, counseling and training and 24/7 ability to respond immediately to the caller with protected privacy rights to all solicitations.