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There’s a break in the bitter temperatures, snow, and icy rain, and I’m able to keep my doctor’s appointment today.

The hospital’s parking garage is almost filled—so many people here today (I think.) One has to be careful just getting out of the car as little pieces of ice have fallen from cars parked here earlier. We make our way across the long skywalk and to the waiting rooms, some patients being pushed in wheelchairs by family members or other caregivers. Some use walkers or canes. It’s amazing I think, of all the challenges I see here and know that are throughout the hospital.

It takes courage to be here. Maybe we would rather be home with a nice hot cup of tea, at work, or at lunch with a friend. We’re here for guidance from the experts on how to deal with the challenges we really might not want to have. We smile or keep to ourselves, talk about the weather, or read a magazine.

But, there’s a collective power in this room. The power of our desire to make the most of our lives, strive to reach our own potential, and to be touched by the Beauty of the world and the joy of people God has sent into our lives to bless our way.

Somehow, I think, we are all survivors.

Bernadette Gentry, March 2019