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John G. Rowland and Susan Patricelli Regan.

Exclusive interview with John G. Rowland 

John G. Rowland, former Governor of Connecticut, provided an open and inspiring interview with host Susan Patricelli Regan. Rowland, elected at 37 as the 86th Governor of Connecticut in 1995, was youngest to serve in the state’s history. 

After release from serving a second term in prison related to corruption charges in May 2018 Rowland has dedicated his full focus on supporting the rehabilitation of former and current prison inmates via the Prison Fellowship Organization (prisonfellowship.org). In June, 2018 Craig DeRoche, the group’s Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Public Policy and former speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, recruited Rowland for the position of New England Development Director for the organization.

Be sure to see this illuminating CTVV segment and a frank perspective on one of our country’s most challenging issues in today’s culture—the restoration of prison inmates to a productive and rewarding future through a multi-faceted and faith-based program.

Update on rising domestic violence challenge

CTVV will interview Karen Jarmoc, CEO, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence to inform the public on the growing community issue that her department handles not only for women and children, but men as well and how it is having a severe damaging effect on the family unit. 

Healthcare for Connecticut’s citizens

CTVV will speak with Ted Doolittle, Healthcare Advocate who provides assistance to Connecticut Healthcare consumers with plan selection, education, enforcement of healthcare rights and improving healthcare access. This service is free to all state residents. If you need healthcare or healthcare coverage or have problems with your coverage and don’t know where to turn, this department will handle your inquiry. The Office of the Healthcare Advocate (OHA) is an independent agency that helps individuals understand their options, how to get and fight for healthcare coverage, including coverage for mental health or substance-use treatment, and to make sure you get covered for your healthcare needs.