CT Valley Views solicits questions/topics from Granby residents

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CT Valley Views TV would like to know what Granby residents are concerned about respective to the town and its prospects for the future. 

As the calendar year 2019 approaches, the questions, concerns and topics which residents would like to see covered by CT Valley Views will be reviewed. Once an aggregate of common subjects is gathered, they will be addressed in a segment in the coming months.

Please submit suggestions by email with full name, address and contact information (phone as well for clarification) to ctvalleyviews@cox.net. Anonymous/fictional information will not be considered. CT Valley Views may want to do a brief taping with you, so a signed approval for public viewing may be required. Submissions may be up to 100 words and must be received by Oct. 31.

Thank you.

Susan Patricelli Regan, host of CT Valley Views
Bill Regan, executive producer of CT Valley Views