Holcomb Farm annual meeting enlivened by pie contest

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Friends of Holcomb Farm board member Eric Lukingbeal came up with an idea to enliven the annual meeting: hold a pie contest. Nine Farm members took him up on the challenge and brought a variety of pies; strawberry, blueberry, blueberry/peach, blueberry/raspberry, apple and strawberry/rhubarb were all represented. Each pie was named and numbered, but the baker remained unknown until winners were chosen. Town Manager John Ward and board president Bob Bystrowski tasted every one, after which all guests enjoyed doing the same. First place went to Nannie Brown’s strawberry/rhubarb, second to Sally King’s blueberry/raspberry, and third place to Gordie Bischoff’s apple served with cheddar. All present agreed it was the best annual meeting ever. Photo by Shirley Murtha