CSA Shares still available

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Photo by Shirley Murtha

Popeye couldn’t do better! CSA members were in for a treat in late March when Farmer Joe O’Grady told them they could come by the Farm for a last share of his delicious spinach.

Planting has begun, and sales of CSA summer shares are well underway. Thanks to careful nurturing of the soil (as well as new equipment), Farmer Joe reports increasing productivity is making even more CSA shares available, so it’s not too late to sign up. There is even a farm store gift-certificate worth $10 or $20 available to shareholders whose referred friends purchase half or whole shares. When they sign up at www.holcombfarm.org, they will be asked, “Referred by a friend? Tell us who!” Or they can call the farm to sign-up: 860-844-8616.

Both shareholders and the general public are invited to visit the Farm Store, which sells our produce as well as products from a number of other local farmers, after its scheduled opening on June 12.