New community development director hired for town of Granby

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Town Manager, John Ward is pleased to announce the hiring of Abigail St. Peter Kenyon (Abby) as the Director of Community Development for the Town of Granby effective April 2. Kenyon will be replacing Fran Armentano who is retiring on June 1 after 32 years of service with the Town of Granby.

Kenyon received a BA in urban and community studies from the University of Connecticut in 2009, an MA in city and regional planning from Ohio State University in 2011, and became an AICP certified planner in the fall of 2014. Kenyon has worked as a professional planner for seven years, most recently as an Assistant Town Planner with the Town of Windsor. Kenyon was responsible for performing application reviews; drafting plans and regulations; administering the town’s geographic information system (GIS) and conducting numerous other activities in support of the Town Planning and Zoning Commission, the Town Council and other departments and agencies.

Prior to working for the Town of Windsor, Kenyon served as assistant regional planner and then as associate regional planner for the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency, performing transportation studies, long-range planning, and coordinating paratransit services for the region.

Kenyon states that she is excited to take on the position of director of community development. Growing up in the Farmington Valley, she has seen the way in which thoughtful planning can positively impact the quality of life for residents. She is looking forward to continuing the work underway to encourage development in the town center, balancing the need for growth and development while preserving the rural characteristic of Granby.

Kenyon lives in Simsbury with her husband and their six-year-old dog.