Fire department presents case for increase in budget

By Shirley Murtha​Lost Acres Fire Department Chief John Horr, Jr. presented an in-depth explanation of the cost of running the town’s all volunteer fire service. The department is an independent corporation that receives quarterly payments from the Town of Granby. For many years, these payments have kept pace with the department’s expenses but that is no longer the case. In the past 15 years, there has been in increase of 52 percent in costs, while the town’s payments to the department h […]

CT DOT sets information meetings to discuss major intersection improvements

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) will conduct a public informational meeting concerning the proposed major intersection improvements on Route 10/US 202 (Salmon Brook St.) at Route 20/189 (North Granby Rd./East Granby Rd.) and at Route 189 (Hartford Ave.) on Wednesday March 16, 2016, at 7 p.m. at the Granby Senior Center.The project is identified as Prospective State Project No. 55-TMP1.The purpose of this project is to reduce delays and queue lengths during peak travel periods […]

Community Scholarship Association of Granby announces scholarships

By Lisa HolmThe Community Scholarship Association of Granby (CSAG) offers annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors. Applicants must be Granby residents, soon-to-be high school graduates and accepted at an institution of higher learning approved by the selection committee. Our largest scholarship, The David A. Schupp, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, will be awarded to a student pursuing a major in science, technology, engineering or math. The primary basis for selection shall be scholarshi […]

Flat budget with slight tax increase for FY17

By Michael B. Guarco,Chair, Board of Finance​Each year as the spring budget process commences, the selectmen convene a meeting of the three Boards—Education, Finance, and Selectmen—for an open discussion on what the next year looks like in each board’s perspective. This helps the boards get a sense of what the operating boards are looking at, and what the fiscal ramifications and limitations are from the BOF perspective.In the aftermath of the Great Recession, the boards […]

Are you eligible to vote in the April 26 primary?

By Laura Wolf & Paul Willis,RegistrarsTo vote in the Democratic or Republican primary in April you must be a member of that party. In the past, many voters came to a primary only to be told that unaffiliated and minor party members can not vote in the primary. Residents who are currently unaffiliated have until noon the day before the primary to enroll. Same day registration does not apply to primaries, it must be done prior to the primary. To be eligible to vote in the presidential primary […]

1800s hotel is now business suites

By John R. Nieb​Two Park Place, a new venture offering rental business suites, single offices and shared spaces with all-inclusive services and amenities, recently opened in the center of Granby. The post-and-beam-construction building at 2 Park Place was built as a hotel around the 1820s and was recently updated and renovated to offer professional, user-friendly work spaces. It is located at the corner of Rte. 20 and Park Place on Granby’s center green.Suites, rooms, or shared space […]

Cabaret fundraiser benefits community kitchen

Waste Not Want Not Community Kitchen invites you to its third annual fundraiser extraordinaire. This year the Hungry Hearts Irish Cabaret and Gourmet Dinner will be held Saturday, March 12, at 6:30 p.m. in the parish center at St. Therese Church, 120 West Granby Road. Tickets are $35 each.​(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “// […]

​Are you wondering about the next chapter of your story?

By Denny MoonSouth Church has made a commitment to provide opportunities for people to determine their life direction for the next era. This year’s occasion is a Story Weaving Workshop led by Dr. Carol Burbank, a playwright, poet, creativity coach, journalist and fiction writer, whose professional life has led her to help many people find direction in their lives. She writes, “Our stories are the engines of our choices, hopes and connection with the world. If you had a car, and you n […]

​Time Travel to a Granby Farm in the 1960’s

By Emma SmithMost people would like to be able to vividly recall both the happy times and the difficult, challenging childhood events of their lives. Grandma Moses, a famous primitive artist, began painting at age 75 and, when asked what inspired her, she stated it was scenes from her childhood on a farm in upstate New York. She even placed herself in some of the artwork she created.Susan Jones is a former Granby resident who can think back to the past a little easier than the rest of us. Her da […]

​Salmon Brook music series offers line-up

By Carole BernardWith winter days continuing to shorten, and the warm days of spring still just a dream, there are a few things to look forward to. Anyone who enjoys live music and sharing time with others in a comfortable and family-friendly venue with homemade munchies will love the series presented by South Congregational Church.On Saturday, March 19, Roosevelt Dime rocks the house with their Empire State style. From Brooklyn to Granby, Roosevelt Dime’s blend of classic R & B with a […]