Northwest Community Bank branches consolidate In Granby

Northwest Community Bank has announced plans to consolidate the operations of its East Granby branch with the bank’s Granby branch on April 1 The branch located at 8 School Street in East Granby will close on March 31 and commencing April 1, East Granby and Granby customers will be served at the Granby branch located less than four miles away at 33 Hartford Avenue, Granby. The East Granby staff will relocate to Granby.Gayle Moraski, Vice President and Branch Administrator, states “Th […]

​Granby Resident Starts Uber Service

Ken Kuhl By John R. NiebWith the new Uber service, Granby residents who don’t drive can now get from one location to another.Through an online app, Uber allows people to make arrangements with a private driver to pick them up and drop them off at any location. Both drivers and riders have an Uber app on their phones that connect them to one another. The driver and rider can get in an out of the car without any hesitation bec […]

Liam O’Leary

​By Shirley MurthaAs go the legs, so goes the horse, as any horse owner will tell you. A serious injury to a leg puts a horse’s life in the balance. To have a veterinarian who knows how to determine what the problem is, how to treat it and to do so with great compassion, is what horse owners hope for. Granby horse owners have been lucky for the past 38 years to have Dr. Liam O’Leary, whose recent retirement was felt deeply in our town, across the state and beyond.When it comes […]

Connecticut DOT designing roundabout for East Street/Rte. 10/202 intersection

By Shirley MurthaTown Manager Smith and Community Development Director Fran Armentano reported on the status of the proposals having to do with the roadwork at the “Five Points” intersection and the intersection in the center of town. Fifteen years ago, the town proposed a four-way stop at the intersection of East Street, Notch Road, Quarry Road and Rte. 10/202, for which the re-configuration of Notch and Quarry was undertaken by the town. The state eventually rejected that proposal and in turn, […]

Marquis Banquet 2016

By Lori Catlin GarciaMembers of the Marquis of Granby Jr. Ancient Fyfe and Drum Corps gathered on January 9 in Cook Hall at the First Congregational Church to celebrate their 46th season. The corps opened the evening by playing a short concert to a gathered crowd of over 120 attendees, including family members, instructors and past directors. After a delicious dinner, Michael Spence and A.J. Newman presented a video highlighting memorable moments of the 2015 season. It was also announced that 20 […]