Lost Acres Fire Department annual election/appointment results

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by Tim Rickis

The Lost Acres Fire Department held its annual meeting on July 14. The LAFD election results are:

Chief – John Horr Jr.

President – David Demchak

Vice President – Bill George Jr.

Treasurer – John Reek

The Chief is responsible for assigning officers to ensure the safe and effective operation of the department. Chief Horr’s appointments for 2015-2016 are:

Assistant Chief – David Sprafke

Deputy Chief – Bill Lee

Deputy Chief – Tim Weber

Captain – North Granby Station – Jason Cooke

Captain – West Granby Station – Sean Yucha

Captain – Center Stations – Bill George Jr.

Lieutenant – North Granby Station – Erik Davis

Lieutenant – West Granby Station – Steve Galuska

Lieutenant – Center Station – Paul Cote

LAFD would like to thank all of the department members for their hard work and support over the past year. Without our members, the LAFD would not be an effective organization dedicated to the support and protection of the residents of the Town of Granby and our surrounding neighbors.