Mayoral Candidate for Hartford

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CTVV-Judge Robert Killian – mayoral candidate for Hartford

 Judge Robert Killian is on a mission to be the Mayor of Hartford. The city has been his and his family’s home for many years and he believes it is no more than two years away from Chapter 11. He is, by party, a Democrat, but in his interview with Susan Regan, Host of CT Valley Views, his perspective and objective is that realistic steps need to be taken to rein in budgetary control and work in a by-partisan way to save the Capital and its citizens.

Mr. Killian has been a Probate Judge for 37 years and, as such, has an intimate knowledge of the residents of the area, a “lay of the land” for how the law works in concert with the administration. He believes that there are formidable challenges lying ahead for not only Hartford but for the rest of the state, as well.

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CTVV Host Susan Regan with Former probate Judge and Hartford mayoral Candidate Robert Killian at his home in Hartford.