Early Morning Summer Thoughts

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The blue jay sits in the evergreen tree awaiting my opening of the back door. He seems to know that I will share with him little pieces of my hotdog roll left over from last night’s supper.

Eagerly, he grabs at the small pieces I’ve thrown on the ground. Sometimes he eats them there, other times he flies back to his nest and brings his mate.

The squirrels, ever aware of free food, hurry to get their share, too!

As I stand on the top step, I become aware of the lyrical song of birds nearby greeting the dawn—letting me know the new day has begun for them, too.

I think, then, of potential this day offers: some people may be starting vacations, other going on early morning bike rides, or later, for a swim in cool waters as the day gets hotter.

A little while later, I hear the buses go by and think of the fun the children will have at day camp.

I hurry to water my garden before it gets too hot—taking time to speak to my flowers.

All, in all, I think, today is a Blessing to be enjoyed and treasured, and I think that this is true of all of life, too.

Bernadette Gentry 2015