Messenger Poem

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Will She Come?

Timidly she approached,

A forlorn princess

Dressed in drab brown splotched with gray and white.

She hesitated at every step

Sometimes, she would just disappear

Only to start again

A bit stronger

The gray and white blotches began to shrink and fade

And were soon gone

Magically, her brown dress became tinged with green

The green became brighter

A few bright yellow spots appeared

More and more colors showed up on her gown.

Tiny purple and blue speckles in the green.

Red, white, pink, lavender adorned her hair

Then dark brown lines fringed with green

Grew and grew on her gown

This green became bigger and brighter

Nearly hiding the brown lines

Now she looked like a true princess.

Welcome, Sweet Springtime

-by Emily Messenger