LAFD Lists February Responses

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LAFD lists February responses

From Feb. 10 through March 9, the Lost Acres Volunteer Fire Department responded to the following 13 calls: six cooking fires; two carbon monoxide calls; two smoke detector activations; one alarm activation; one victim extrication call; one water/other incident.

LAFD needs your help. One of the primary means of success when responding to a call is the ability to find a house quickly and easily. This means having a clearly marked mailbox or marker plate in front of the property. According to Granby Town Ordinance (Chapter 83), the number should be a minimum of 30 inches above ground to be clear of obstructions, a minimum of 3 inches in size, and easily visible from the street. If living on a through street, both sides of the mailbox should be marked as first responders may approach from either direction. Your cooperation will make it easier for the LAFD and other first responders to find you if you have an emergency. If we can’t find you, we can’t help you.

Another important reminder is automobile safety when emergency vehicles are responding. If you see or hear emergency vehicles, it is critical that you pull over safely and allow them to pass. This is equally important whether the emergency vehicle is coming towards you, or is behind you. Keep in mind also that there may be more than one emergency vehicle responding.

The Lost Acres Fire Department is Granby’s dedicated all-volunteer fire department, responsible for 24/7 life and property protection for our 11,000+ residents. It currently operates at an annual tax cost of only about $60 per household. For more information about LAFD, visit Facebook or