The Granby Sampler

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by Marianne Curling

Do you need a personal shopper to discover what is in season at local farms? Want to use more locally grown products when preparing meals at home? Don’t have time to go farm to farm for meat, cheese, poultry, vegetables and more? The Granby Sampler, a Granby Agricultural Commission program, gathers together an assortment of locally grown food and farm products and provides for subscribers to pick up at a central location.

Every other Thursday from June 26 to November 6, the best of Granby farm products are available to take home, including meat, eggs, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. An information sheet listing the contents and the farms that produced each item accompanies each box along with a recipe or two and information about ways to use and store produce. There may also be specialty products like breads, honey, jams and flowers in each box.

The sponsor, The Granby Agricultural Commission, and the program support sustainable agriculture in Granby—all of the products will be from here, or as nearby as possible, but can’t be certified as “organic” [complicated process]. The milk is always pasteurized. The meat is hormone free. All produce is picked fresh.

All Granby farms are invited to participate in this program. Farmers are paid for their goods, and may include goods in one or more distribution. The annual cost to subscribers is based on the total value of the box contents, about sixty-five dollars a box with a small administrative fee. Subscribers are asked to pay for their annual subscription up-front based on a box-by-box plan. The contents of each box may vary slightly from the plan due to weather or unforeseen issues, but the Granby Sampler guarantees the total value of a subscription.

For the 2014 season, its fifth year, we are looking for 30 subscribers for Thursday pickup in the late afternoon into the evening. For more information or to become a participating farmer or subscriber, please contact us at You will receive the schedule of pick-up dates, the range of products listed and payment options. Pick-up is from a location near the center of Granby.

The aim of the Granby Agricultural Commission is to connect local farms with consumers, provide resources for commercial and hobby farms and to promote businesses that use local produce. With the Granby Sampler, farmers benefit through increased sales and revenue. Subscribers receive locally produced food and goods of value equal to the subscription cost. Participate and help us build and sustain our Granby farm community.