The First School District in Granby Center Part 5 – The 1859 First District School

The residents of the First District were very proud of their brand new school, which cost $828.44 to build. They voted to insure the new school against fire, to fix up the grounds and outbuildings, to buy all new furniture and to invite Professor Camp to speak at the opening day ceremony. 

The district also appointed a committee to “devise the best method for protecting the new house against depredations committed by the scholars and children.” The committee produced the following rules: 

“That if any wilful mutilation shall be committed by any person on any part of this house by scratch or cut of the length of 2 inches or under, shall pay a fine not exceeding 25 cents nor less than 6 cents.

2 Park Place, Part 3 — The Avery Years

Four generations of Avery’s lived at 2 Park Place from 1925 when Bertha Rice Avery bought the house, until it was sold in 2016 for business suites. George W. Avery came to Granby from Chenango Co.