I met her in an antique store in New Hampshire. She caught my eye as soon as I walked into the place.

Granby Road Race goes virtual

The Granby Road Race Committee started meeting to plan the 49th Annual Road Race in November. We brainstormed ways to make the 2020 race better than last year and began to dream about what the 50th Annual Granby Road Race would look like (stay tuned for that).

What goes around comes around

“You catching anything?”

I have been watching the man and his boat for a while now, so I know he hasn’t had much luck. But I’m out of hooks and bait, and I don’t have the courage to just ask him if he has any to spare.

Holcomb Tree Trail

The Friends of Holcomb Farm invites everyone to visit a new project: the Holcomb Tree Trail at Holcomb Farm. This project is fully funded through the financial support of grants from the Hartford Foundation from Public Giving and some very generous individuals.