Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft revisited in new film

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Mark Guiod, Film Producer, is a Granby resident.

Mark Guiod, Granby resident and former Air Traffic Chief for the FAA at Bradley International Airport, has a new role — film producer. Through his son David’s post-film school connections, Guiod became a producer for a new independent feature film, Art Thief, that is making the rounds of film festivals across the country. The film will be screening Feb. 1 at the Cabot Theater in Beverly, Mass., and a local screening is also being planned.

Long-time New England residents may recall that on St Patrick’s Day evening in 1990, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston was robbed by two perpetrators disguised as Boston Police Officers. During an 81-minute raid, they stole 13 pieces of artwork valued at over $550 million — including Vermeer’s painting The Concert, Manet’s Chez Tortoni, Edgar Degas’ Leaving the Paddock, and Rembrandt’s A Lady and Gentleman in Black and Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee.

The Concert, one of Vermeer’s 36 paintings, and Rembrandt’s Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee, his only known seascape, are among the most valuable stolen objects in the world. It remains the largest art heist in history.

No one was ever charged with the theft and none of the 13 stolen pieces has ever been recovered. How could the thieves have successfully moved pieces of art  that some call priceless, through the art world undetected? This film may have the answer.

Art Thief stars Max Deacon, Jacqueline Emerson, Boston area legend Lenny Clarke, Keith Szarabajka, Chris Lazzaro, and Tim Misuradze, and was inspired by the true events of this heist. It weaves known facts with a theory of how it was successfully executed, creating a fascinating drama that feeds into the speculation and conspiracy theories behind this unique event in history.

At the Orlando Film Festival, it was the opening night feature film and won Best Picture, Best Actress (Jacqueline Emerson) and Best Supporting Actor (Chris Lazarro). At Cineworld Sarasota, it picked up Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (Lazarro). It was best overall picture at the Alexandria Film Festival “Best of the Fest.”

After the film screened at the American Film Market (AFM) in October 1916 Films LLC, the production company for Art Thief began looking for a distribution company. It narrowed the list to the top 10 and are now in negotiations with five companies.

“The real magic is the joy you get from watching audience reactions,” Guiod said. “You think your film is good, but you’re biased of course, and you don’t really know until it gets in front of a real audience in a real theater — that’s when you know.”

The poster for the upcoming film, Art Thief. Submitted by Mark Allan Guiod

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