ARPA money improves efficiency of fire marshal’s office

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Fire Marshal Brian Long, who is hardly ever at his desk. Photo by Shirley Murtha

Fire Marshal Brian Long was happy that some of the American Recovery Plan Act money was used for software that his department had been hoping to get for some time: RedNMX — Inspection and Violations Management Module. This cloud-based program is a module of the Alpine Software purchased by the Lost Acres Fire Department in 2022 that tracks and reports emergency calls to the National Fire Incident Reporting System.

It was decided that two sets of the software would allow for sharing information between the two agencies, a definite benefit to the community. Previously, Long notes, “the Fire Marshal’s office relied upon using Excel spreadsheets to track inspections and Outlook calendars to schedule inspections and hard copies of all documents had to be filed in the office.” Now all of this cloud-stored information can be accessed while working in the field, and all inspections, scheduling and documents are handled and stored in the software. “It is very user friendly,” says Long, “and is tailored to Granby’s needs.”

Long has already begun entering all inspectable properties as defined by Connecticut General Statutes into the software and will begin using the RedNMX for inspections soon. The system cost $5,950.