Kate Bogli talks about Open Farm Day

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Maple View Farm owner Kate Bogli looks forward every year to Granby’s Open Farm Day because, prior to the program’s origin, there was really no way to share her farm with all of Granby.

“We have 50 acres, right in downtown, and you can barely see any of it from the road,” she notes. Unless families have enrolled children in horseback riding or people are checking out the farm store or the brewery, residents have no idea how much land there is and what’s happening on all that land.

“It gives me so much joy to share the farm with the public,” Bogli says. “And now that we have the brewery, we are much more prepared for guests to wander around.” To make sure the farm is easily accessible, paths are mowed and directional signs are installed. The entire Bogli family spends Open Farm Day on the grounds, answering visitors’ questions and giving their own perspective of what life on the farm is like.

A participant in the 2021 hay bale throwing contest. Photo by Shirley Murtha

Bogli believes that Open Farm Day is very important to Granby because it is important for people to understand what happens on the town’s various farms. “The more they understand, the more they will value what our farmers do, and this will lead to more support.” Open Farm Day, she notes, provides the opportunity to see the work that goes into caring for and tending to the plants and animals that become our food and fiber. The farmer gets to meet and talk with the customers, and helps them to see what their money is paying for when they purchase the farm’s premium products.

As far as Open Farm Day in general, Bogli loves that because the participating farms are located all over Granby, residents and visitors alike get to see the beauty of the entire town. They can make it whatever they want it to be: some people get to every single farm, while others pick two or three and spend quality time at each one. She really enjoys the fact that some people come year after year.

Bogli hopes that on Sept. 16 her family will have many visitors—some just wandering around learning about the farm, some enjoying libations at the Brewery, and some participating in the hay bale tossing contest. Be sure to seek her out; she’d love to talk with you.