Run the town streets in Granby Bear-A-Thon

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Post pandemic has left a lot of us feeling isolated and off our “health game.” While maybe some were able to maintain their health and fitness or bounce back, there are still quite a few out there struggling to get healthy or feel connected.

I felt it was the perfect opportunity for a community-wide event to boost morale and encourage others right in your neighborhood and town!

Running the streets of Granby has always been on my bucket list—it’s a lofty goal, but not impossible! I thought, why not others, too?

This event is designed to get people out there walking or running. Any pace is encouraged—no judgement, only motivation along the way! There will be opportunities for coaching if you can make one of the many scheduled runs.

And—you have a whole year to do it! June 2023 to June 2024.

There’s nothing to hold you back. Make that commitment, set your goals high and see what you can achieve! You may surprise yourself, find a new friend or reconnect with a neighbor! And the best part—it’s free!

I hope to see all members of the community out there walking and running. Put those new Granby sidewalks to the test!

If you’re at all curious, check out the event on my website,, and leave your email. You will then be prompted to sign up on the community Facebook group and Strava group to track your progress.

Spread the love in your community and get moving!