Update on Granby’s bridges

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Work in progress at the Moosehorn Bridge. Photo by Shirley Murtha

Here’s the latest on the six bridges undergoing replacement.

The ongoing Moosehorn Road Bridge replacement had a one-week setback when hard ledge was discovered where the head wall footings were to be installed, requiring the engineers to make an adjustment. The engineer’s re-design was accomplished easily and operations have resumed. Granby is paying 20 percent of this project, with state and federal funds contributing 80 percent.

A meeting to start the Donahue Road Bridge replacement was held in early April. The Notice to Proceed documents were signed and preliminary work is taking place, including the removal of some trees and the re-positioning of utilities. Director of Public Works Kirk Severance expects the bridge will be closed to the public in mid-July. This bridge replacement was originally to be 80 percent funded by state and federal money, but is now 100 percent covered under a new federal program.

Site line and utility work continues on the Simsbury Road Bridge, which is scheduled for replacement in 2024. Final paperwork is expected to be finished in late October/early November, at which time bids will go out for a project engineer and then a contractor. This bridge project is also being funded 100 percent by state and federal money.

The Doherty Road Bridge was inspected and deemed to be in poor condition. The inspection report was sent to the tate, requesting that the project be put on the local bridge replacement plan. It was denied. The town re-submitted the application in May. The preliminary estimated cost for this project is $2.5 million, and because it is such a small bridge (less than 20 feet), it does not qualify for the state and federal program of 100 percent replacement. The town will be reimbursed for only 50 percent of the cost.

Work on both the Griffin Road and Hungary Road bridges has been completed.