Repair plan for Rte. 10/202 light poles

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One of the affected light poles in Granby Center. Photo by Shirley Murtha

During this past summer, the Granby Department of Public Works was notified by a resident that there “was a problem” with the light poles along the Rte. 10/202 sidewalks in the historic district.

It was determined that several poles are leaking voltage. The power was disconnected as Antonucci Electric (the town’s electrical contractor) and Eversource attempted to find the cause of the leakage and will remain disconnected until the problem is resolved. No reason was found, and the investigation was put on hold because the road widening work was about to start.

When work can proceed, Public Works and Michael Antonucci believe that each pole will need to be disconnected and tested for bad grounds or wiring faults. The worst-case scenario is that all the wiring, connections and ground rods will need to be replaced. It is estimated that replacing all those components would cost $21,000. That cost would be less if fewer parts need replacing.

In the meantime, a group of volunteers organized by resident Mary Jo Toczydlowski is raising money to have the town add outlets to each light pole so that holiday lighting can be accommodated. It is estimated that the installation of the 28 outlets would cost an additional $6,000. If you would like to join this group of volunteers and/or donate to the cause, email Mary Jo at or call her at 860-985-0190.