Grant application for cemetery upkeep

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Granby has at least five cemeteries, which may be a surprise to residents who are familiar with only the large one near the town center. Some of these cemeteries could use some restoration. The State of Connecticut established a Neglected Cemetery Account that makes grant money available through the Office of Policy and Management. The grants are awarded as two-year contracts. Granby first entered into such an agreement in 2019 when John Ward was Town Manager.

A certified cemetery is one that has a minimum of six places of internment. The grants are awarded for four types of work: clearing of weeds, briars and bushes; mowing lawn areas; repairing fences or walls; straightening, repairing and/or restoring memorial stones. Granby’s Public Works Department would do the physical work, using the grant money for materials only.

At the January 24 Board of Selectmen meeting, Town Manager Erica Robertson requested that the board authorize an application to the NCA for $5,000 to support the preservation of town-maintained cemeteries. The board approved the request.